Sex Toy Hygiene

Many of us enjoy sex toys today, both women and men. Vibrators have become a very common accessory, helping women have more pleasure and orgasms when alone or when with a favorite partner. There have been many advances in male toy as well, with all kinds of exciting masturbators which can be enjoyed while watching favorite adult videos or when the girlfriend is out of town. However hygiene when it comes to these toys is an important concern. Just like unprotected sex, they can transmit germs or diseases when shared and even when used alone, cleanliness is very important.

The material of a toy is of the utmost importance when one is considering factors of cleanliness. One needs to be careful of the type of toy today more than ever, as some toys may have harmful chemicals called pthalate’s in them which may contribute to cancer in some people. Toys which are made of jelly rubber or other rubber and plastic materials are suspicious ones possibly. At any rate, though these toys are being made free from harmful chemicals they also have pores in them just like our skin which can absorb germs in a similar way. Using soap and water or a commercial toy cleaner is a good idea on these toys. It may be helpful to cover them with condoms, and this is utterly necessary when they are being shared.

Some modern toys are made from non-porous and easily cleanable materials, making them a great choice for adult dating especially if one has more than one lover. Toys made from silicone can be cleaned with alcohol or even placed in the top rack of the dish washer without any soap and sterilized with the hot water that ensues. Other new toy materials like ceramic, glass, or steel also offer similar benefits, as they are non porous and very easy to clean. Remember to pay special attention to any ridges or bumps when cleaning.

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