We all run across certain instances when life is most decidedly not at all fair for one reason or another. But when it comes to the Adult video websites that are available on the Internet, it is the same for each and every one of us, and no one gets criticized or judged.

When a man begins to date a woman that could easily be his daughter or even his grand daughter, people say nothing negative to him. They may in fact congratulate him on being virile and sexy enough to score a young girl, making him feel pretty damn good about himself and he begins to walk around like a peacock showing his brilliant feathers. If a woman begins to date a man that is as little as say five years younger than she is, she is immediately called a cougar, made fun of, and looked down upon. If the man happens to be ten or more years younger than the woman, no one will go out of their way to even try to politely hide their scorn and ridicule.

Similarly, a date who sleeps with lots of women is thought of a stud, a player, a lady’s man, or a swinging bachelor. A women who sleeps with a lot of men is thought of a slut, a whore, a tramp, and a pig by both men and women alike. Hardly seems fair, does it?

The Internet is one of the few places in this world where we are all treated alike, all of the time. Both men and women can enjoy adult entertainment materials without the worry of the harsh, uneven, and imbalanced judgement of society landing on their heads like an anvil dropped out of a tenth story window. The world wide web is open to all equally, and treats us all the same.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all do that for each other in real life?

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