The Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days Of Summer

Our sex drives are not unlike the beautiful and hopeful plants and flowers that lie dormant all winter long just waiting to be re-born in the spring thaw. And when we are feeling awake and alive again, the many Free porn sites that are available to us on the Internet will be there to help keep us occupied and entertained as we enjoy yet another fabulous hot summer season of fun in the sun.

During those long cold and dreaded winter months, most of us tend to go into hibernation, as do our poor fragile sex drives. We are cold, and the days are short, and all we can think about is getting home to relax and try to warm up and the dreaded thought of shovelling our way out of another snowstorm as they keep predicting one after another. We feel tired and short tempered and tend to sleep a lot since it is dark so much of the time, and we have little or no interest in feeling frisky as we are usually chilled and wrapped up in piles of blankets acting as a giant shield.

Then at long last summer arrives and off come the blankets, the hats, the mittens, the scarves and the boots. Summer means so much less clothing and so much more skin, and that coupled with the nicer weather, can’t help but start to wake up our hibernating little libidos. Once again, our thoughts may turn to sex and romance and away from the snow blower and snow shovel in the old garage. We start to feel a little bit feisty and being to notice attractive people around us and to just loosen up a bit in general. Warm weather makes people happy, and happy people are relaxed people, and relaxed people are often horny people.

The summer sunshine does wonders for absolutely everything, our bodies, our minds and yes, our sex lives

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