The Resume

Since we do not often see advertisements in the classified employment advertisements for Porn stars, and there are no resume’ writing services offered for adult entertainers, how do we know what qualifications a good porn star needs to possess to become famous in the capricious world of adult entertainment?

A porn star needs a good name. It seems to be a commonly accepted practice in the world of pornography for the stars to have names that seem cute and dirty at the same time, often using a clever little play on words to make us smile and keep our interest. There is certainly no shortage of porn stars named Amber, Brandy, or Cherry so it might be best to avoid those to be at least a little bit unique; maybe Glitter or Sparkle would be better.

A porn star needs very good skin. Sex videos showcase the skin in all sorts of places and in all sorts of acrobatic and flexible ways. A porn star with dry flaky skin would certainly be at a disadvantage to one with soft supple skin. While a few tattoos can be sort of sexy in a trampy sort of way, dozens of tattoos run the risk of being a turn-off to a lot of people. Yes, some celebrities love the girls covered in tattoos, and no one is trying to say that Kat Von D is not sexy and adorable, but those are the exceptions rather than the rules.

A porn star needs a great, but believable body. We all love to see the perfect bodies romping around in the porn videos, but it is best to keep your body at a point where it is believable rather than looking cartoonish. Yes, some people love seeing ridiculously exaggerated body parts, but let’s try to keep it somewhat real. The more believable the actors are, usually the more sexy the video will be.

Luckily, for the most part, acting skills are optional.

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