Most of the sex positions used in adult movies are the same positions every guy tries with his girl. Virtually everyone uses the same ones doggy style and missionary will always be popular since they are easy on both partners and take little skill but do what is required for a quick orgasm. But in order to shake up the viewer some porn stars will include a sexual position

Porn so they wont see the beauty and skill of the move. These positions are like signature pieces, they are either very demanding in physical mobility or one that is simply so far out there that no one would reasonably want to use it much less actually derive any real enjoyment from it. Sometimes the stress of simply maintaining that position would really negate any pleasure during sex. The point however is not to give the impression of enjoyment but rather to wow the viewer with the unexpected and exotically interesting. They want you to raise an eyebrow and be amazed at what you have seen. Then you will likely talk about it to your peers and soon they will be watching that very Porn flick themselves. This increases the likelihood that they will get at least a few extra regular customers or viewerse. If it was something you saw regularly then it would no longer be mentionable or noteworthy to you. Like most things if it is employed in moderation it can have a very clear impact in a positive way. Of course there is also the subject of notoriety as well. As the old saying goes even bad press is still press and any press is good press. There isn’t any such thing has bad press at all if it gets people to watching what you put out. This helps the makers of such films to stay on top of the business and continue being successful.

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