Catching Criminals

Law enforcement agencies quickly adapted to the use of the internet in catching child predators. What they do is set up a sting operation in which one of their officers troll through various social media sites and chat rooms posing as an underage person that is potentially available. They dangle the lure of Free sex out there and see what kind of fish they catch. What happens is that once they make contact with a potential predator they lay out all the specifics such as their alleged age so that it will be admissible in court.

The perceived predator then acknowledges that they know the person is underage and they still pursue the Free sex angle with them. While there are some who immediately back off once they discover the person is underage many others do not. The person that backs off is let go because they obviously know it’s wrong and whether they are doing it for the right reasons or just don’t want to get caught they don’t continue to bite. The others who do bite are then told by the supposed child that their folks are out of town and that they would like to invite the person over. The person then arrives and typically enters the home looking for some young pussy and the prospect of getting laid soon. Instead of seeing a young person and getting their cock sucked as they had hoped they encounter a television anchor person or reporter who interrogates them on their actions.

The person knows they are doing wrong and attempts to leave but law enforcement is waiting outside and quickly rounds them up. Most of the time it is simply perverted adults trying to take advantage of young person but on occasion they do catch very bad people who have restraints and weapons hidden in their vehicles.

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