Beauty Myths

Is it fact or fiction that a man’s ejaculated sperm can soften a woman’s skin, tighten her pores and erase wrinkles? Ever since the Happy Hooker, Xavier Hollander published her book of beauty secrets women have been reading that applying the orgasmic juice from a man’s cum has secret powers to reverse aging. So is semen treatment the new botox? The answer is yes, researchers are saying that applying a man’s semen to a woman’s skin can actually rejuvenate and tighten the skin!

So all those Sex videos of hot and horny women getting covered by a man’s come are actually extreme health related how to videos. Imagine putting that on your income taxes. Anyway the trick is not to wash the cum off but rather to rub it in and allow the protein component of the sperm to dry on the skin. While it dries and hardens it acts very much like a good facial mask but unlike other facial masks sperm helps eliminate wrinkles, treats sun damage and moisturizes your skin. Women that allow men to give them come facials usually have the best looking skin with a healthy afterglow that is reminiscent of youth. In the case of Xavier Hollander she actually recommended hand jobs then taking the fresh com and putting it in an air tight container and then into the frig. This keeps it for later use.

But some women like in the middle of sex to give their man a hand job or a blow job and then to let him come all over their breasts and face. As an added turn on they will rub it into their skin and lick the rest off their fingers just like a porn star in a Sex video. This turn on will get their guy horny and hard again pretty fast and the next way of cum is going to be creaming the inside of the girls pussy or ass. By allowing the semen to dry on her skin while she has sex for a second time she is allowing all the benefits of the proteins to do their magic then afterwards she and her partner can shower together for added enjoyment and to remove the residue of his cum from her body.

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