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Star wars, the hobbit, other worlds and sex have had young men whacking off in private. Images of Princess Lea, tied to Jabba the Hut wearing barely more than a smile but still appearing strong and vulnerable left many geeks weak kneed. These movies were the Porn for teenage minds.

Now these geeks that were stuffed in lockers by football jocks are landing good jobs and hooking up with hot women. But in their fantasies they yearn for women like Trinity from the Matrix or Leeloo from the 5th element or Sarah Connor from the terminator trilogy. These bad ass women have a strong no nonsense personality and they don’t take shit from anyone. Perhaps that is why porn movie producers have started producing movies and websites that have sexy space girls, alien sex and sci-fi action. Unfortunately few of these porn sites, movies or movie parodies have had a budget to do them justice and they just wind up becoming another sex flick with funny costumes.

That is until recently, for those that still believe anything is possible even in a galaxy far, far away there is a new movie out called Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody. Stills released on review sites for this sex flick are safe for work and show just enough for people to know that this is going to be hot. Even the costumes are very much like the originals. From storm troopers to Chewbacca these look actors like the real deal. Allie Haze plays Princess Leia, Seth Gamble as Luke Skywalker, and Rocco Reed plays Han Solo and Lexington Steele played the dark lord Sith. Since this is an all time classic it appears that everyone in the case worked hard to make sure it was done right. Axel Braun believes the results is a true epic that it will be talked about or years. Geeks that remember when the first Star Wars Episode came out in theaters will have to wait until September to see the sex parody.

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