Older Women In Adult Movies

When you think of adult videos you typically think of a young and hot barely 18 porn stars taking a hard cock but statistics show that many men prefer something older. Research studies conducted in the last several years show that many men find older women in Porn more appealing than their younger counterparts. The truth is that the highest sales and fan bases come from fans of older women. It is believed that while younger women may have harder bodies, older women just know how to please.

It is the whole Ms Robinson mindset. Just the idea of a younger guy being able to get into an older woman’s pants sends many young men wild. These fantasies conjure up images of illicit affairs and this alone sells more porn than anything else. It gets into the private imaginations of virtually every younger guy. Every one of them has at some point had a fantasy about an older woman he knew and this easily translates to masturbating behind closed doors. Regardless of what an adult movie maker puts out on screen nothing can compete with a young man’s imagination and when that movie maker can jog that imagination with the movies they make then they are guaranteed a life long fan.

There may be younger actresses that appeal more to a certain crowd, usually very young barely 18 men and guys going through a midlife crisis, but men in their late 20s and through their early 40s have proven a preference to seeing an older woman have sex. This will be a valuable information for any movie maker to possess. It’s not always about the hottest young body on the scene. It’s about the one with the most appeal across the broader spectrum of things. US movie makers may not know this with their younger is better box office mentality but European movie makers have been appealing to this genre for decades.

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