Love or Stupidity

Once again the beautiful and multi-talented Jennifer Lopez is heading back to court in an attempt to prevent her first husband form releasing an Adult video internet porn sites. This personal sex video was created during the couple’s honeymoon. So what was she thinking? During a marriage couples will make hot and horny sex tapes of themselves fucking in every way possible.

It is fun and exciting and is a real turn on to get the juices flowing later when they are watched. But when a couple, especially a high profile celebrity like Jennifer Lopez gets a divorce wouldn’t her lawyer see this as a hazard and make the video part of the divorce paperwork as an item to either be destroyed or given to Ms Lopez? Even couples divorcing with less than two nickels to rub together would know to do this. Evidence left behind in the middle of a war will be used for gain, pure and simple. It makes one think that this isn’t a mistake that ex husband might have been paid to resurrect the videos in order to keep the actress in the spotlight and on the front page of the tabloids. It would not be out of the question to consider this.

Since cases like this cost thousands of dollars in legal fees and the ex husband as already been brought up and lost a similar case only a few years before it seems that a former waiter wouldn’t be able to afford the attorney fees and would just give up on the idea instead we find that he constantly pursues the idea of book, movie and now porn release as a way to make money that never sees the light of day because he gets stopped in court. So who is picking up the tab and how is this affecting Ms Lopez? Obviously she comes off as a victim being used and abused by a man she was married to for a year.

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