There have been a few things that were thought to be quite risque in the adult movie industry but did not turn out that way. Interracial couples in Porn were once thought to be a huge taboo. White women being used by black men with huge horse cocks made many porn producers rich in the early days of pay sites. Porn movies often try to push the envelope to draw in more viewers and perhaps net as many regular customers as possible but sometimes they miss the mark. For many white males buying these movies to whack off to they are looking for something more than the stereotypical race card. They are looking to be humiliated.

The type of humiliation they want requires them to be abused by the black male and made to watch while these black studs fuck their women. It is a narrow niche with a loyal but small following. Porn content providers that don’t understand the market will use the same formula they use for other porn movies. Only the male lead will be black and the female porn star will be blonde. Niche markets are tough crowd men with specific fetishes may generally like a sex movie and they may understand that it was made to appeal to a larger market but they hope for something that appeals just to their needs. That is why it is easier for the guys looking for interracial fuck movies to go to a pay site specializing in this content. Most webmasters have a comment area inside the members area and they take requests. Feedback on actors, scenes, locations are all taken into consideration making it easier for a guy to get just what he wants. Other places to look for interracial porn is in the custom story market. Custom stories can be created in text or audio. They are created specifically for each client. Nothing is cookie cutter or reused. It is like phone sex only it is better since you can set he scene and replay it over and over again.

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