The Female Orgasm

For men in most cases having an orgasm comes very easily. One need only stroke up and down that hard shaft or insert the cock into a slippery and eager orifice like a cunt or asshole and thrust away until the inevitable happens. If anything, men can cum a little too easily, leaving their sex partners sometimes frustrated when the action ends too soon. Of course a considerate man is interested in sexual activity even when his penis is not hard and cares a lot about helping his girlfriend, wife or lover have orgasms too.

Women’s sexual climax can seem mysterious even to women themselves. While some girls explore masturbation or their bodies from a very young age, some women don’t successfully reach orgasm until well into their twenties or even older in some cases. This is a travesty and suggests our culture is very unhealthy about female sexuality. Women often cannot find orgasms without self-exploration or masturbation, and if a man is dating a woman who has never been able to have one he should encourage her to explore her own body and discover what she likes with some solo sex.

The female orgasm for most women cannot be achieved by simply thrusting something in and out of her alone. For many, direct stimulation of the clitoris is required. This is a small nub a little like the penis found at the top of the vulva. Just like a penis it gets erect and hardens when a woman is aroused, and it is the seat of female orgasm. Some women also enjoy having their g-spot stimulated, which is a spongy patch which can be found inside the vagina about two inches in and back.

Some women come easily and quickly when stimulated whereas others can take 20 minutes or more to reach a climax. For some women this is the end, while others are able to experience wave after wave of ecstatic pleasure.

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