Looking At Voyeurism

You have seen the ads for married but looking for sex on the side. It seems like married people everywhere are looking for discreet sexual affairs and they are posting these requests online and in local sex personals. What is the attraction? Why are so many people becoming disgruntled with their sex lives? Some religious groups blame the internet for this.

They say that images all over the web of Free sex make men and women believe that they are missing out on something. That they feel denied. But isn’t that a simplistic answer? Children and immature adults might feel that sense of being denied of having been left out but mature adults in loving relationships should not even be entertaining the thought. Maybe that is the problem, mature adults. Some of this lays on the shoulders of children born after 1975 are more confident and less producing or hard working than previous generations. They had parents that brought up without the harsh reality that there are winners and losers. They believed that there would always be plenty and that they were the golden children. It is part of that gimmie-gimme I want more because I deserve it generation that has this need to experience sex with strangers regardless of the cost to their committed relationships. This generation that believes that they are grown just because they are of the age of consent doesn’t understand that that all this free sex on the internet is part of a business. Not every one is doing it, in fact hardly anyone is doing it.

The other part of the coin is the over 50 year old males. That see these targeted ads proclaiming hot married women searching for sex in their town. They really want to believe that these women are hot and horny for them and they hope they can not only get into their pants but bring them home and have a threesome with them and their wives. This everyone is doing it gullibility hits these midlife crisis men too and it breaks up marriage. So yes the internet is partially responsible but it is the core or character of the person that is ultimately to blame.

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