Being The Best

When you use Porn to practice your skills at sex you can become very impressive. Consider that you could learn how to hold back before you have an orgasm and if you continue practicing this you could make a great and powerful impression on someone you do end up scoring with. They will be impressed that you have such control over yourself and this can only help you prosper in the long run. If you give someone a great and satisfying experience they are more than likely going to tell a friend about it. That friend will want to meet you and already you will have put the the seed of scoring in their minds.

They may decide to give you a try themselves and your sex life will never have been better. This all stems from the fact that you took your performance seriously and did everything you could to make it the very best that it could be. You learned that you could use porn as a tool to help you with this. You are able to sense that orgasm coming and you are able to stem the tide of it just a little more each time and then you can finally control yourself to such a degree that you give a very powerful orgasm every time. Then when you do actually get with someone they will be taken to a new place of pleasure they had never experienced before. This all comes from you giving it the best you had and making a better example of a lover with yourself. You are able to do things that you and they only dreamed of before. Give yourself every advantage that you can and don’t take no for an answer. Don’t settle and don’t go halfway. Make the decision to go all the way and become the best that you can be. This will empower you and through that you will empower others around you to be the best they can be.

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