It Doesn’t Have To Get Boring

There are some single people who are hesitant to get into a long term relationship because in their past relationships their sex life became really mundane, boring and predictable. They felt like the fireworks they had experienced with that person when the relationship first started got lost somewhere along the way and the lack of passion ended up ruining the relationship after a time. Nobody wants to experience that, and sometimes people who have been through it already are afraid of having it happen again. Losing a relationship is never enjoyable, but some people can feel really guilty when the relationship ends because of a sexual problem. We’ve been taught for such a long time that sex isn’t the most important part of a relationship that we can sometimes feel badly about a relationship ending over sex or a lack of sex, but sex is an important part of a relationship. We shouldn’t feel bad about wanting to have strong passion in our lives and in our romantic relationship.

Losing great sex to mundane, boring sex doesn’t have to happen though. It doesn’t happen to all couples, and it doesn’t have to happen to most couples. Any couple can choose to make sex a priority in order to keep their love life exciting and important. There are a lot of couples that still have great sex lives, even though they’ve been together for many years. It’s great to see couples like that that still have a strong passion for each other. Most of the time the difference between these couples and everybody else is a commitment to placing some importance on sex and making it a priority so that they don’t lose that strong level of intimacy that they have between them. That intimate connection between two people is the foundation of the relationship for a lot of people, so it must be cared for and tended to in order for it to thrive and grow. The people that put that level of effort in realize that it’s their responsibility to keep their passion alive in order for the relationship to continue to thrive. The make sex and intimacy a priority, porn on the back burner, and they’re the ones that still have a hot sex life even after decades together.

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