Blind Hubris

It’s one thing to be confident in your manner and what you might have to offer a romantic partner; it is another though to be blind to the limit of your good qualities; and bad. Beginning to date, entering into an intimacy, even just humping a fuck-buddy on occasion, the better we know about what we bring to the bedroom or living situation-or both-the better we can make sure we satisfy the person we are with. Ignoring our shortcomings, or what’s worse, not allowing for the fact that we might indeed have some shortcomings, can only lead to disaster.

Relatively protected by how we interact these days, fettering through possible mates, dates or fucks through on-line dating sites, we can build-up a pretty good resume about ourselves that, even if untrue, we might begin to believe over time since, on-line, no-one can challenge us. It’s bad enough we have all built a conceit over time that every thought we have should be tweeted, that our ever utterance should be blogged and that the text messages and voice mails we leave for someone should be returned post haste, we can begin to really believe the past lives we create for our on-line profiles. We as much come fully formed these days with hubris unwarranted as we do with our real life experiences, experiences that should, for better or worse, truly inform who we are.

Dating with this kind of hubris will lead to a mighty fall when we are rejected and rejected we certainly shall be once someone sees through the veneer, realizes our bravado is all smoke-and-mirrors and understands that tragically we don’t see it to be so. It’s terrible to go through life thinking we are the prettiest, the guy with the biggest dick, the girl with the nicest tits, but it’s even worse when someone points out that we are not any of these things and we still ignore the evidence, relying instead on our delusion.

Many a relationship has thrived on delusion, but that’s usually if both partners are delusional, and one lover so confidant in themselves-or so indifferent-they let their partner trundle on his or her merry way believing what they have always believed. True hubris might get us laid once or twice, but in the long run it is dangerous.

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