Indoor and Outdoor

When you consider the number of adult videos that are made featuring an outdoor or an indoor setting it is clear that the number of indoor versus outdoor Porn productions seems to be about even. The greatest majority of outdoor features is features a pool side setting. It is set at some luxurious home that has a sizable pool where the participants can fuck.

The formula by which these outdoor Porn features is done is typically the same as that of the indoor. It shows very little if any foreplay and usually just jumps right into oral sex. In the outdoor settings the woman is almost always in a bikini. For lingerie and bikini fetishists this is a real turn on. In movies shot out near a pool it is usually the man that goes down on the girl and there is plenty of oral sex shots as she gets wet. It is the opposite for porn movies shot with indoor settings. There you’ll find it is usually the girl giving the guy a blow job first. The outdoor pool side setting is the only setting in which the guy goes down on the girl first and this is because of the scantily clad dress showing a lot of skin. The pussy is hidden with one strip of cloth and this makes it easy to tease the viewer before giving them what they want.

The desire to see the pussy is already heightened and your viewer is already primed and ready to go. It tends to supersede the blow job in this case as opposed to the opposite in other cases. Then the formula tends to go back to it’s normative state which is varied positions being used with a little more oral thrown in before the guy cums all over the girls face and tits and mouth. There will naturally be occasional variations but generally this is the formula that is stuck to because it again features everything that a viewer would want to see.

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