The Next Wave of Pride

Lucky for those who support sex-positive communities and progressive acceptance, it seems to be true that the conservative movement’s fears of those in poly relationships stepping up for recognition seems to be true. Some more mainstream gay and lesbian communities are not happy about this as well because part of their political strategy has been to be status quo. For the most part, poly communities stand very much in favor of LGBT writes and overall well-being. At the same time, those whose essence it is to have multi-partner relationships cannot stand by while the power of their relationships are diminished by attempts to place one man-one woman clauses into state constitutions as slap against LGBT people and a preventative measure against poly folks.

It does seem, then, that the openly polyamorous movement is a big part of the next wave of Pride. Just as progressive people have long recognized that being naturally inclined toward gay love is as natural as its heterosexual counterpart, it is now coming to light that some people are simply oriented toward polyamorous relationships and even multi-partner sex. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, to be polyamorous is to be open to more than one sexual or romantic relationship at one time, while all parties are aware and consenting.
The importance of the recognition of relationships is self-explanatory. In day-to-day life, people have the need to be simply acknowledged. To walk down the street, show up at the school of a child, to visit family during a big reunion are all parts of life and all people deserve the ability to do those things free of harassment. Polyamorous couples or those in a different relationship structure that involves more people need the same respect. Other important issues come up at all of the regular times- in ill health, in caring for children, and in property rights.

Anyone choosing to live together in a committed fashion deserves the same rights. If ever there were to be a true separation of church and state, poly people would be free to create their celebrations, religious or otherwise. Then, it would be up to the state to uphold the contracts drawn up by participants in the union, regardless of the number of people involved.

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