Baby Goes Public

Your Adult Baby boy might have a lot of fun at home in his little play pen, but every once in a while it is a good idea to take him out into town. Playing around inside all the time isn’t a good idea, as it is important for baby to get comfortable around all kinds of people. It is a big world out there, after all.

The first thing to do when getting baby ready to go outside is to check his diaper. Babies like to pee in their adult diapers sometimes, so if he’s wet you’ll have to change him. Wash his bottom with a warm, wet cloth, apply whatever lotions and powders you prefer, and top him off with a clean diaper. If you think you will take him into town for long, put him in a pair of rubber pants in addition to avoid leakage.
Next, it’s time for the perfect little sissy dress. Crossdressing is important if you want your baby to look cute for all the people in the grocery store or the mall. A nice muted green or baby blue with extra lace and frills would be a perfect choice. His shoes should be nice and shiny, and a pair that are good for walking Baby doesnt get any makeup like grown-up crossdressers, but he can have a little hat, a favorite plush toy, or a doll to carry.

An Adult Baby should know that is it better for the mommy to do the talking when out in public. Once you are out in town, it will be obvious to him that he will get a little bit of attention. Let him know that it is ok for him to be exactly who he is, but that people will stare. It is ok to introduce your sissy boy in just so many words. Even though in his mind he is young, it is likely that he experiences pleasure from erotic humiliation and loves it when people look at him like a silly little diaper-loving pansy. If he tries to stray or messes his diaper so soon after a change, you might gather a few female friends back at home who would enjoy watching him get a sound spanking for his misdeeds.

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