What’s Changed About Sex

Even though the world has changed very dramatically, from technological innovations to social changes, but while there has also been huge changes in peoples’ opinions from everything from sex as recreation to gay marriage the basic, essential nature of what sex is hasn’t changed since the first people had sex.

It’s not a mystery, but it is unfortunately something that a lot of men and women seem to have completely forgotten about. Sex can be a lot of things, from procreation to even a form of spirituality, but what sex is and what it has always been is about pleasure. If we bleed the fun from the activity with our lack of self esteem, or need to please and be pleased beyond the bonds of our own tastes, the ache we all have to be accepted we will forget that getting down and dirty with another person is supposed to be fun!

Sex is obviously a biological function and that has not changed at all but the way we view it as being a form of immense pleasure to be shared with another person or simply to be experienced by one person via masturbation. In that way sex though, has changed as we have opportunities and ways of having sex in ways that people have never had before. We have a multitude of porn-like opportunities and net hook-ups to aid us. The pleasure is still there but now lovers have condoms and other safe sex devices that mean that sex can be not only fun and pleasurable but also, for the first time, that it doesn’t carry as many risks as it used to. We also have new, high tech, devices that can help men and women have all kinds of new and very unique sexual experiences that people have not had the opportunity to experience before.

So to answer the question: yes, sex has changed from what it once was to what it is now but the essential nature of sex hasn’t changed at all: that it’s fun, pleasurable, and can be a marvelous experience no matter the era or age, where we are, or might not be in a relationship. We can explore it alone, with a partner or in a group; in person or on-line, but explore it we should.

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