The Menage We Keep on Line

Three might indeed be a magical number for those who believe in the power of numbers and their mystical connections but in a sex life it could lead to disaster. The mathematical complexities of allowing another person into your bed, whether they be a casual sometime fuck-friend or a permanent third-wheel lover can be stupefying for the regular guy or girl and the poly-lover both. The typical ménage is very difficult to maintain.

Better we be on-line with our threesome then in real life.

The wonderful thing about out on-line sex is that it is not our real sex. We might convince ourselves that the people we meet on-line, the experiences we share and the nightly visits to chat-rooms are important-and in some way they are-but on-line life will never best real life experiences. They are stale, sterile and limited. Masturbatory at best, the intimacies we feel we build on-line are stunted and retarded as opposed to those we share with lovers in real time, face-to-face flesh to flesh. What better place then to play the porn star, to open our minds to realities we could not support in life.

This is why fetishes and kinks thrive in digital space. This is why so many men log on as women and women men. This is why so many of us in fact do go on to experience so much of our social interaction because if we had to really meet half of the people we see on our on-line dating.

Safe secure and able to extricate our minds as well as bodies from any activity, if we were to see a ménage in real life, experience its allure and confusion we might be turned off to it right quick and question why we ever had the idea in the first place. On-line we can explore until we are exhausted and still return for more. On-line we can keep the fantasy exactly where it should stay in our lives.

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