The Tortoise and the Hare: Get Laid

As we date longer in life we begin to appreciate the nuances of other people’s approaches to romance, sex and love. We see that to be a good partner, or at last someone who might see a lot of social outings and maybe catch more than a few dates we must be open to as many approaches to contacting people as we are the many sexual positions we might get into in our lifetimes. We might gravitate towards a certain approach that fits us best, but at least we should recognize there are indeed a whole bunch of approaches.

The playa, the man or woman who has sex as a recreational sport, who beds as many partners as possible and uses sex as a litmus test of not only their prowess and attractiveness but as a guide to their worth, might move with stealth, might hide their actions, might set-up the most romantic sounding on-line profile, but they are moving quickly, hopping very much like a bunny, in spirit and mind if not in action, for . Everything they do and every way they do will be informed by the singularity of purpose. For whatever reason, be they undersexed, oversexed, desperate or simply just horny, they will act in all their interactions for one purpose and one purpose only as fast as they possibly can.

The guy or girl working to get laid at a slower pace, the person who meters their seduction, takes their time, builds a complete storehouse of suave approaches over a longer period of time is no more honorable in their intentions, they just take a little longer to get their prize; an orgasm. They are still after the booty, still looking to procure pussy or wrestle cock, they just do it with slow stealth and seemingly more attention paid to the subject. Slow and steady sometimes does win the race and if one is predisposed to wait for what they want they might just get it.

Either approach does see a good amount of fucking. The tortoise and the hare seem to know just who to pick for their seductions and moves, be they slow or fast and they do see results then more they run their race in the dating stream.

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