These Feet are Made for Wanking

Some say that for every sexual being, there is a unique sexual preference blueprint. Preferences don’t only account for whether or not one prefers to have sex with men, women, or both, but it can also extend into unique and expansive sexual interests. Some people, as it turns out, really like feet or a certain kind of shoe. Some also love masturbation. Combining foot fetish and masturbation games can be a wonderful pastime for partners who find these pastimes compatible.

There are so many ways to combine playing around with feet with jerking off, that the possibilities really are endless. A husband might see his wife sleeping, small feet exposed. He may decide to have a quick wank over them in the morning before h heads out to work. If she also enjoys this activity, she might, open her sleepy eyes to watch him pumping and she might enjoy the feeling of his jizz shooting onto her toes. During a more awake moment, she may join in, rubbing her clit and stretching her toes to turn her husband on all the more.

Some people may really get off on having direct stimulation from someone’s feet on their genitalia. A guy may want nothing more that a foot job with someone rubbing his shaft with their feet, or caressing his balls while he takes care of his dick himself. A woman might like her partner’s foot on her vulva or even a toe inserted directly in her pussy.

Still others discover that their love of feet and masturbation is a private affair. It can manifest as collecting footwear that are a turn-on, be it high heels, ankle-length socks, or sneakers. Jerking off over them, or pictures of them, could be the exciting secret experience. Now in the age of video, a growing number of these fetishists enjoy posting some of their escapades to the internet. Maintaining their anonymity while getting their rocks off in front of the world seems a powerful erotic combination.

Whether clan feet, stinky feet, stocking feet or bare, images and activities for the foot fetish abounds. Ways to masturbate are remarkably endless. The combination of these pursuits are great for those who want to see and be seen as well as the more private set.

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  1. Paul Says:

    U are so sexy I just whant to stik my dick in those leGs

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