Take Your Love to Town

If you are looking for a place to get away from it all, you really don’t have to board a plane and go to Paris or Aruba. Especially if you want some erotic fun, it can feel just as exotic if you take a look in your local directory and take off for the nearest decent local motel. It is never too hard to find one that is just right for a romantic getaway, especially if your stay will be just and overnight or weekend.

Your getaway spot could be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like. Consider, however, that especially if you are there mainly for a little bit of a different environment for some hot, cheap sex, you don’t need much more than a bed. You’ll want someplace that has easy access to snacks and beverages, since even though you may have brought your own, you’ll never know what you may need in a pinch. If you are looking for some honest relaxation to enhance your hot times, look for a room with a Jacuzzi. The warm water jets will definitely help get you in the mood for love and the extra expense is often well worth it.

You may be among those who are interested in going for the cheesy fantasy of the experience. If you want to feel sleazy, look for a slutty motel that looks like it rents its rooms by the hour. Bad d├ęcor and a mirror on the ceiling can help you get into the 70s porn vibe. You’ll have to bring your own cheesy, bass-driven instrumental music. If you want to dress it up with some romance, there are the motel rooms to be found with heart-shaped beds, wine and room service packages, and the like. If you are into spending the cash, you don’t necessarily have to be just married to indulge in the honeymoon suite experience.

Whatever you decide, remember that you don’t have to go very far to feel like you are taking in a whole new environment. A vacation can be as simple as an overnight somewhere off the main highway in the next town over. Spend most of the time getting some, and you’ll be happy wherever you happen to be.

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