Start Off Without Sex

Most people want to have sex. The majority of single people who are using online personals and dating sites are hoping to find either a sex chat or real sex, even if they don’t want to jump into it too fast. They are dating because they hope to eventually make an intimate connection with someone, and that, at least in part, means sex. The biggest complaint of women on the dating sites is that so many guys want to jump into sex first and then see if they want to date. That one thing alone loses guys more dates than anything else they do wrong.

A lot of men start off with sexual questions within the first couple of e-mails, often asking women how many times a week she likes to fuck or if she enjoys giving blowjobs, and the most popular question that guys seem to ask is what a woman is into sexually. Women see these questions and immediately think that the guy is just looking for a quick sex hookup and isn’t really interested in getting to know her as a person so she immediately stops taking him seriously as someone she might be interested in dating. Even on sex hookup sites and BDSM sites, the ladies tend to think that the guys bring up sex far too quickly and should at least send one e-mail introducing themselves before they start bringing up sexual topics.

That may sound odd to men, especially when they’re reading adult personals, but that’s the way it is with women; they think differently than men. It can be pretty confusing for men, because while the majority of women may want to be treated like a lady at first contact, there are women out there that want to be treated like a slut and just want sex. They don’t want to get to know anyone, they’re not looking for a romantic relationship and they just want to get right down to the sexual stuff. So what’s a guy to do? The best advice is to start off with a nice, non-sexual e-mail to introduce himself and then let the women lead the way with the sexual topics. Once she brings hit up, it should be safe to go ahead and asks whatever questions or bring up whatever sexual topics he might be interested in discussing.

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