The Cat’s Out Of The Bag

Since the beginning of recorded history cats have been associated with sexuality; specifically feminine sexuality. From ancient Egyptian reverence right up to our modern-day connections of sexy feminine wiles being described with terms like cat-like or feline-grace, women have been portrayed as much sidling up to men, arching her back and ass in sexual cunning, as much as her rancor evidenced by the scratches she leaves across a face or back. The cat is the one animal above all others we associate with sex and since it moves with a certain quiet and stealth we imbue women with the characteristics since we all share the mysterious view of women and sex.

We instantly associate slinky and soft fur with a woman’s long-haired. The low purring of a cat’s contentment with the low roiling of a woman’s arousal, a cat’s careful footfall with a woman’s metered ways of seduction. The indifference of the animal is akin to the seductress’s wiles and the cat’s seeming independence the femme fatale Machiavellianism.

There is a reason one of the more popular names for a woman’s vagina is pussy.

In kink games many couples engage in anamorphic animal-like play, cat play and kitten play one of the most popular. We might very well put a collar around a submissive; make them crawl for us like a dog, but for a truly sensuous exchange between partners the cat more than any other animal surfaces when we want to play intimately and softly.

The simple fact is that between heterosexual partners a woman’s sexuality is a many layered thing and therefore basically feared by man. The way a woman’s genitals exist essentially inside her body, the manner in which a woman usually takes a longer time to heat to arousal then a man, the multiple orgasms a woman can experience, all of this challenges the men who want to bed her. It’s no wonder that an animal as mysterious, proud and at times seemingly indifferent as the cat would be the one animal we would use to describe and connect to the very mysterious, usually feared, feminine sexuality. Knowing the cat, as none of us can, might clue us in to the how’s and why’s of what women nee, when and why they need it in their sex lives, but neither animal or lady will ever truly be known.

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