Softening the Bonds

Bondage in the bedroom can be an exchange of power, an expansive exploration of pleasure, or just some added variety in a fun and sexy love life. Some partners may be interested in trying it, but think that any BDSM has to involve pain. To the contrary, there are many kinds of restraints that can be bought that do the job while causing thrills without discomfort.

Regular handcuffs can be used in simple bondage situations, however standard handcuffs can be a bit tricky. Thick metal, if closed too tightly, can hurt or cut off situation. Cutting off circulation can be serious and should be avoided. Use metal handcuffs loosely or try fuzzy handcuffs for added comfort. That way, you get the desired experience of restraint without causing harm. They are generally manufactured with non-threatening, fun animal print patterns especially good for newbies.

The ropes that are chosen for bondage can make all the difference. Some are cutting and can cause burns when rubbed against the skin. If there will be any kind of struggle or vigorous sexual activity, real damage can be done to the skin of the submissive if good care is not taken. Try using soft ropes, and ropes that slip easily across its own surface, rather than catching on rough edges. If you venture into a sex toy store or a shop specifically for fetish play, you can find soft ropes made for the job. It will likely come in different gauges, so a gentle type can be chosen. In the more sophisticated shops, a knowledgeable attendant should be able to help you choose well.

Bondage tape is another item that you will find in such a specialty store. It looks very much like clear packing tape. It often comes in varied colors. The trick of this special tape is that it sticks well to itself, but not to anything else. You can use it easily to experiment with tying wrists or ankles, breast binding, or hog-tying. It can do the job without causing agony that regular packing tape or duct tape might when working with someone with considerable body hair.

The world of dominance, submission, and sadomasochism can be entered into at various levels. The sexual possibilities of bondage can indeed be kind and gentle.

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