Reducing Body Shyness

For all of the interest around the world in kinky culture, steamy television drama, and nude images, it is a clear cultural disconnect that so many people are still deeply embarrassed about their own naked bodies. For those who would like to get over their concerns, examining the underlying philosophy that causes the concern is one way. Gradual exposure to nude situations in various contexts is another important way to lose the inhibitions.

In most cases, it is the gradual exposure method that will help the most. Some adventurous people who want to just take the plunge and drop any worries about the body will just go to a nude beach and take it all off. It is like body embarrassment cold turkey. Suddenly, there they are, naked, in the midst of thousands of others with exposed asses, cocks, and boobs in the shining sun. There may be weird feelings, but there is nowhere to run, except perhaps into the ocean for a time. Then, it is simply time for body acceptance, for better or for worse.
That sort of sudden leap isn’t for everybody. Those with severely conservative ideas about the body might choose a gentler approach. For example, some people might be willing to have hot sex & orgasm with their spouse, but do it only in the dark and make sure they cover up their bodies right away afterward. Simply deciding to try doing it with the lights on can be a huge undertaking for people in this state. Relaxing enough to change a shirt and appear topless for a second in front of a best friend while getting ready to go out to the mall is another little step of this sort.

Another way to do it in measured doses is to try parties where touching happens, though not necessarily in a sexual context. Simply attending a Cuddle Party could work wonders, or a massage party where you both give and receive bodywork. Bodies will be at least partially exposed in a massage context, and the casual similarities and differences become apparent.

Eventually, the human body becomes either no big deal or a beautiful example of ever-evolving artwork. Dealing with ingrained philosophy can be difficult. Just getting used to bodies can bypass mental blocks.

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