Leaving Your Mark

Fucking our lover or even a one night stand is not just about the pleasures of the flesh, the possibility of orgasm and maybe building an intimacy. Sometimes, admit though none of us would, getting into bed with someone and actually being able to get laid is about the urge to leave a mark. Bigger and badder then the literal hickie, truly a deep penetration of one’s soul is what we’re after when we want to possess someone beyond the time we are inside them or they us.

It speaks to our natural human need to own and possess, especially if we feel challenged by a lover or our prowess is in question. A casual fuck buddy will have other paramours, we will be stepping out on the guy or girl we just see occasionally, the more a lover ignores us or meters out their affections, the more we meet with resistance, maybe even outright rejection from someone we are attracted to, like the proverbial bee to honey, the more we want them and in the wanting them more we want them to want us, to remember or expect our love-making, to leave evidence of our passing.

For a man, very much like pissing around a spot to mark it, a porn style cum-shot onto his lover is a great way to make a point that he is marking his territory; this is the very reason both men and woman like to witness an ejaculation outside the body, across a pair or breasts or on an ass. For a woman, grinding her cunt into her lover’s face, filling her lover’s nose with her scent, dripping juices down her man or girlfriend’s chin is the most obvious way of marking. Some people get into true markings in kinky sex, relying on shared tattoos of their personal design or even scarification of one another to show ownership and a sense of devotion.

In the end the only real indelible mark, the one that will matter, is how we treat our significant other and they us. We will remember well the good times as well as the bad as the deepest marks we leave are those we make in the memory of exe’s and current lovers. All other markings, spanks, bite marks, cum shots pale by comparison to how we touch someone’s heart.

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