No Shit!

There are a lot of different fetish and BDSM activities in porn, and some are considered controversial even to kinky people who generally respect everyone and everyone else’s kinks. Some of the most controversial are practices involving scat, which is play that intentionally includes play with human waste. There are a lot of people who truly enjoy this type of play, even though it makes a lot of people really squeamish and uncomfortable. Many people find it to be a huge turn-off, and even more people think it’s medically dangerous. It can be medically dangerous because a lot of different diseases can be transmitted through contact with feces. There is no play of this type that is completely that is totally without health risk. Those who participate in this type of play are usually aware of the risks and make a conscious decision to participate anyway, and that is their choice.

Another controversial form of play is any type of play that involves cutting off a person’s air supply. These fetishes include breath play, which is when someone cuts off their partner’s air supply by wrapping their hands or some other implement around their partner’s throat, and smothering, a practice where one partner sits on the other partner’s face and cuts off their air supply for a short periods of time, often repeatedly in each session. These fetishes are both very dangerous and should be practiced by people with some experience or supervised by someone with experience in order to prevent injury. Some fetishes seem like they could be lumped in with these dangerous practices, but that is not necessarily true in some cases. Face-sitting and smothering are often used interchangeably, but they really are two different things. Face-sitting doesn’t involve cutting off a person’s air supply, while smothering does. Smothering involves sitting on a person’s face, covering their mouth and nose with one’s genital area in such a way that it blocks the person’s air supply. This type of play is very dangerous because if a person’s oxygen is cut off for too long, they can experience some brain damage.

There are many parties, dungeons and events that will not allow these fetishes to be practiced in their space because they can be extremely dangerous and hazardous to people’s health.

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