Female Power

Anyone who believes it is a woman’s sexual role to lie there and take it is relying on antiquated information. There is nothing wrong with a man or a woman chilling out and receiving once in a while, but there is nothing in the rule book that says a woman can’t climb on top, take control, and ride a cock horse. Just because she is the one with the concave genitalia is by no means an indication that she cannot be the dominant giver in any sexual situation.

Some women really like to make a man submissive, and many men are all for the experience. He may want her to take charge and do exactly what she likes. She may want to ride him in the reverse cowgirl position. She may decide to go with some feminization and give him some eye shadow and lipstick. If she is into ass play, she might get out a butt plug for him, or the strap-on if she wants him to feel her dominance through the powerful thrusting of her hips as she gives his ass a drilling and a good orgasm.

A woman can be self-possessed during sex in more subtle ways, too. It absolutely doesn’t need to be in the context of a game. She can be powerful during sex simply by telling her partner what she wants in bed. It could be that she chooses to initiate sex. She might tell him that what she really wants is to go down on him and to be eaten in return. She might want to be mellow on a particular night and to simply be held. Even if peaceful sex is the desire, asserting that desire is an expression of her female power.

It is rather an open secret that most men do appreciate a woman who knows what she wants. There are jokes all the time about men who just want a submissive woman to put out and fetch beers, but the reality is that almost no one likes a love who is not present. If she is there only to spread her legs and be compliant, that will become awfully boring. A woman who can take the reins once in a while and get it on will command passion.

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