Fearless Or Stupid?

People seem to be getting stupider these days in some ways. People used to be hesitant to put things in writing and also to have photos of them doing things that they didnt want other people to know about. These days with social networking being so popular, people seem to be doing incredibly stupid things and taking ridiculous and unnecessary chances with photographs that are available to far too many people. Every day it seems that there are people getting fired for photos or comments on Facebook. A teacher makes fun of a 7-year-old students hair then seems surprised when her school suspends her pending further investigation. Female police officers know that every female police officer that has posted nude photos of herself on a social networking site has lost her job and not won her wrongful termination lawsuit, yet female police officers continue to post nude photos of themselves and appear to be surprised when they get fired.

People looking for extramarital affairs continue to post photos of themselves on dating websites and online personals while lying about their marital status. Married adults continue to participate in sexting and sending nude photos of themselves via e-mail or phone. The big surprise is celebrities that continue to do these things in spite of the huge celebrity scandals that have made headlines in the past few years. People seem to have forgotten to be prudent and careful with their private lives. It seems as though people have forgotten that the things they do on the internet and on their mobile phones can be easily tracked down if necessary. People have thrown caution to the wind and then seem surprised when it comes back to bit them in the ass later on. It really doesnt make any sense.

Maybe people seem to have delusions of invincibility, so when they see these things on the news they simply think that theyre different or better or smarter and couldnt possibly get caught like . We all need to remember though that were not invincible, and carefully consider who might get hurt if we get caught. Maybe people dont care if their spouse gets mad, but they might care if their kids get caught up in the drama.

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