Expanding Yours Sexual Horizons With Role Play

Even though there’s various techniques for men and women to expand their sexual horizons, from experimenting with new types of erotic stimulation or playing with new and unique sex toys, one of the simplest and most powerful technique is called role playing. Role play, basically, is where a person, or a couple, put on a new personality to become a whole new and totally different kind of sexual person. It’s basically like the game kids play: let’s pretend. But instead of cowboys and Indians or cops and crooks these games can be a lot more adult and explicit. One mistake that people make, though, is to make the games too complicated. Instead of thinking elaborate or dark with role play a better idea is to keep the games and the roles being used as simple and almost funny as possible. Instead of something like serial killer and cop, which can bring up a lot of dangerous possibilities, it is much better to do something like housewife and pool boy, businessman and call girl, student and teacher, or similar.

For a lot of men and women role play opens huge doors of erotic possibility: chances for couples to put on simple or even eventually complicated scenes that can also lead to play such as dominance and submission: where one partner will be a slave or servant to the other ; though that is a whole new world of exploration that has its own rules and difficulties as well as new possible benefits.
Role-play doesn’t necessarily lead one to kink nor kink needs role-play it is just that possibilities exist for all the great things we might get into

Role playing also has plenty of opportunities for expanded play by doing things like buying whole outfits and costumes so the people who are pretending to be other people for sexual play can have not just a new personality but also a whole new wardrobe that can help with the play in all kinds of new and fun ways. Some couples also go as far as to take their new personalities out for a date or even on vacation: pretending to be other people in hotels, restaurants and so forth.

So think about role playing if you are interested in expanding your sexual horizons in new and possibly stimulating ways.

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