Dressing For The Dungeon

Men have it pretty easy when they need to dress for the dungeon. A pair of black jeans or pants with black leather boots and a black shirt is all he really needs. If he’d like to add a black leather sport jacket or vest or a pair of leather pants or chaps, that’s great, but it’s not necessary. Women are usually expected to have an incredible dungeon wardrobe. Luckily they have a pretty wide selection of styles to choose from. Everyday clothing can even be converted into a fetish outfit with relatively little effort. It can really keep the costs down when she can simply go to her closet and pull out a completely vanilla outfit and simply accessorize it. The best thing a woman can do is to find her personal fetish style and work with that. Surprisingly, most women will find that their fetish style is actually quite similar to their everyday style in a lot of ways.

A businesswoman who favors skirt suits can work that style quite easily. A short skirt with a well-fitting blazer over a sexy bra and panties with stockings and stilettos or a pair of thigh-high boots will drive men at fetish events wild. If the lady is a Domme, she will have men throwing themselves at her feet. If a woman tends toward more romantic and frilly styles in everyday life, she’ll probably enjoy wearing Victorian style corsets and petticoats that will make her feel feminine and romantic. Lacy slips and stockings with heels and pearls are also a great romantic look for fetish events.

For women who tend toward very classic and vintage styles, vintage girdles, slips and lingerie with stockings can be a very hot look. Vintage lingerie is a very popular fetish for both men and women. Women who love the leather look can get leather corsets, bras, thongs, skirts and even garter belts. Leather is always a great choice for fetishwear.

The important thing is that the lady finds a style that makes her feel really confident and sexy, because that’s the real secret to looking great in the dungeon. It’s all about the ladies attitude and confidence. If she feels good about how she looks, everyone will notice that and think she’s beautiful.

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  1. jasmine Says:

    did you ever find a source for the cock corset or even those shoes!!!

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