Change It Up

A lot of people want to spice up their sex life, and a great way to do that is to try some new sex positions or experience some oldies but goodies that haven’t been tried in a long time. Everybody can get into a sexual rut every once in a while and they may start doing the same things over and over, sticking with the tried and true because it works. A lot of couples work hard and have a lot of stress or other distractions and responsibilities, so sex will sometimes have to take a back seat and that’s when things can start to get a little mechanical. Most people would like to have a more exciting sex life but sometimes it feels like it would take a lot of time and work to make that happen.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of trying something a little different. For instance, if a woman is usually on top during intercourse, she already knows that she can control the speed and depth of penetration better in the position and she can make sure she gets plenty of clit stimulation that will help her to achieve orgasm. What she may not realize is that facing in the opposite direction can give her totally different sensations as the man’s cock will hit different spots or hit the same spots in a totally different way. It also gives the man a different view and different body parts to play with, which could be really enjoyable for him for something different. Maybe having the gentleman sit up or sit in a chair and the lady getting on top in that position could also change the sensations that both parties get.

Small changes like that can sometimes make a huge difference and make ‘same old’ sex feel really different and exciting, and that may be all it takes to make both parties feel excited about sex again and inspired to make some positive changes that will really heat things up. Making little changes like that don’t require extra time, new sex toys or expensive equipment, but they can make enough of a difference that it feels like a major change for both people, and that’s really never a bad thing because it feels really good.

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