Bird Dogging

The Everly Brothers sung about it and it’s one of the best things a true friend can be, the opposite of the modern-day cock-blocker, being a good bird dog. Acting as a literal spotter for you, a friend looks out for with the very best intentions of finding a woman or man you might be attracted to. Typically seen in male bounding, hetero guys going out on the town, women can be just as good bird dogs for one another and gay men and women use the partnership to their advantage as well.

Bird dogging works best when both people search for each other at the same time. A simpatico mind-melding situation where friends have one another backs, when a couple engages in bird-dogging or a pack of men or gaggle of women maintain a perimeter at a club, the results aren’t always equal but at least the intention is. Having an additional pair of eyes working toward the betterment of your sex life as you engage yours to help your buddy, you assure at least someone is looking out for you while you are looking out for them.

Beyond the camaraderie is the fact that there is no rival in the bird-dog scenario. Sure, two friends can be attracted to the same type of girl or guy but for the most part when we are looking for a friend and they for us, we look just with their particular criteria in mind. It’s understood for this type of dating strategy to work to its fullest advantage each person involved has to be selfish in their searching. If one person fails at their bd post the entire enterprise implodes like a house of cards. This is why bird dogging is not to be entered into lightly and should only be attempted by the very best friends.

It’s difficult enough getting out and among single men and women these days. Most of us take most of our dating energies and relegate them to on-line pursuits, whether looking for a date digitally or simply staying home to game or masturbate to on-line porn. To steel our resolve for the drama and dance of clubbing it certainly helps to know you have someone at your back who has your back and that you can champion and help on their romantic journey as well.

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