Behind Thin Veils

Nudism holds that the human body is beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of. Most nudists also are adamant about separating nudity from sexuality, by teaching us that not every situation where there is nudity is a sexual one. This is illustrated by the many clothing-optional or topless beaches where sex is not rampant, but volleyball, swimming, and sunbathing is.

Given that the nude body does not always inspire immediate arousal, it can also be seen how covering up just a little bit can make the body a whole lot sexier. When there is already full-frontal nudity, there is no more mystery. Add a little something for the imagination to chew on, and a whole different response can arise, as it were.

Go-go bars and burlesque work on this principle. An exotic dancer is making a show of taking it off. The turn-on is in the tease. She might decide to take it all off this time. She has fabulous breasts and might flash a nipple if you tip her nicely. Her wearing pasties make you really want to see what’s behind them. Their glittery flashiness calls attention, and makes you wish you were the one who got to suck those tits.

Burlesque is a wonderful, artful version of the big tease. The classic dances with giant feathers or veils play peek-a-boo and shows off just enough hot figure or nice ass to make the audience drool, yet be artistically satisfied. Purposeful tastefulness can be incredibly sexy. It can make an audience member fantasize all the more about getting that pert little dancer naked and fucking her like crazy.

Guys also get to play the ‘reveal just enough’ game. Especially gay men, who already appreciate the virtues of a fine male physique, know how to wear it well. A tight pair of jeans is good out outlining the shape of the buns and the size of the package. A fit man appearing shirtless can show off just enough to inspire interest in taking off the rest. More outrageous outfits for the Leather/Levi or drag crowds offer all kinds of possibilities for showing off tones legs or more butt cheek than would be allowed in mainstream spaces. The outfits are sexy, but don’t give up all the goods.

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