The Highlight Reel

Most women will probably never understand this, but sometimes men just want to jerk off. They are trying to distress or relax or get sleepy, so they want to just masturbate with no hassle and without having to worry about anyone else’s feelings or needs or orgasm. A lot of women tend to think that this is a sign of a problem in a relationship, but it’s really not. Unless it’s being done to an extreme, like the guy would obviously prefer to jerk off than fuck his lady all the time, it is a perfectly normal thing for a man and even for some women.

It can be pretty relaxing for some people to just stretch out and enjoy some time going over their highlight reel of images from past sexual encounters while touching themselves. In some ways it feels like looking through a photo album or scrapbook. Most people have had some pretty memorable moments in their sex life that they like to remember. It has nothing to do with the people they are currently involved with and it doesn’t mean anything ; it’s just a happy memory of something hot that happened in their past that stuck with them. It could be something as innocent as the first kiss that gave them an erection and the memories of how that made them feel at the time ; the surprise, the excitement, the power, the overwhelming realization of how intense a sexual response could be ‘ these things are all exciting moments in people’s lives and their development. They can’t be erased or forgotten and they shouldn’t be. Moments like those made us into the sexual creatures that we became as adults. They formed us and molded us much like our early childhood development molded us. Those memories are significant and remain significant throughout much of our adult lives.

Unfortunately, it isn’t healthy to be made to feel badly for acknowledging the significance of those pubescent memories in our adult lives, but that’s exactly what happens sometimes when someone is involved with an insecure partner who has trouble dealing with an occasional masturbation session. It really isn’t a threat to the relationship, and in some ways is no different than flipping through a high school yearbook. It’s just memories, the celebration of a life fully lived.

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