First Time for Money

Sex work is a new, politically correct term for anything from prostitution to go-go dancing to writing erotica and porn. It is a term that gives equal dignity to a high-class call girl and a massage parlor hand-jobber. The truth is, everyone needs to make a living. When a woman freely chooses sex work, how to do it safely while making the money she needs while maintaining self-respect can be tricky.

Being secure in the decision is an important first step. She should be sure that it isn’t being done 100% out of desperation. Of course, the money is going to be a big part in the equation, but there should also be a natural curiosity about what fucking for money feels like. If there is only a feeling of disgust, she would be wiser to find some other avenue. There is always a way besides illegal means. Taking the sex route should hold a fascination.

The best way to get a clientele is to befriend another woman who is working in the sex industry on a quiet, mellow level that has never attracted authorities. If she becomes a real friend, she will show a fellow interested worker the ropes. She will not feel threatened, because a wise sex worker knows that men will always pay for pussy, so there will always be plenty to go around.
If a woman begins work by seeking her own private clientele, she should place an ad discreetly on a reputable website or acquire a trustworthy first client from another worker. Finding a clever way to make prices known is important. If a woman says outright that she will have sex for a given amount of money, police may get involved. Some say that they will spend time with a new friend and are happy to accept three hundred roses as a gift.

Presenting herself in a way that is clean and attractive, or according to a pre-arranged fantasy, is the way to go. She should always have the basics with her like condoms, lube, a towel, and perhaps a change of clothing, if necessary. A condom is necessary for penetration, and many use them for oral as well. Afterward, she should take time to relax. This is a big life experience

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