Oh Miss Sex Please, Thank You

The world sure has change allot. Not so long ago Hugh Hefner’s mansion was a rare temple devoted to sex and porn. And Hugh’s Bunny clubs where one of the few places that men of class could go and look at lovely women while they drank. Hugh is still around and his temple still stands today only now you can pay to see his bunnies in your own living room on cable. Now that women can also get Playgirl and the chip and dales have long been on the scene. The days of look but do not touch are over for the gentlemen of the day. Women are feeling free to have their sexual itch scratched and are looking for no strings attached sex online and in the clubs.

What is the tack to take with a well educated woman who will happily go to a sex show as well as the symphony. Nothing is to be done but enjoy yourself. By no means should you treat such a lady like she is one of the boys or the date will be a short one. It is ok to speak honestly and openly as long as the tone is not crude. When in doubt couch the question. Prep it as an idea not as a direct request. With freedom comes responsibility. Safe sex is the way to go if more fun is to keep being had through long and happy years. A happy hedonist is a safe hedonist. Beyond that the world of sexual play is wider then ever. Kink, fetish, group sex sexual adventure trips to other countries. There is no reason to sit home alone unless it is to rest up and enjoy the quiet. If it is skills that are sought after there are Tartaric retreats a plenty. If it is people skills that one wants to brush up on try -The Human Awareness Inst.

Any where you turn an open door to a better sex life is there.

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