Laughter makes Better Lover

Laughter feels allot like foreplay. Laughter kills tension and changes the mood. Stress cannot keep a foothold when you laugh. One of the places that people do not laugh enough is the bedroom. True people have tender feelings about their bodies and sexual performance. Mocking humor and sarcasm should be left out of the bedroom.

You could stand leaving it out all together really. Life will run allot smoother with less sarcasm at work and at home. No need to be too uptight though if you think about it sex is pretty funny. We are unguarded and our bodies have allotted of potential for slips and sound effects. Take it easy on yourself. No one needs to be a flawless super hero in bed. If you feel a lull in the energy nothing gets the mood back in a joyful manner better then a little penis puppetry. Don’t close your mind to it there is a group of men who make a living doing just that. Just be wise about it. There is a big difference between laughing at your lover and laughing about something with your lover. True, you might not want to put penis puppetry as a skill down in an adult personals but no one will suffer from lightening things up a bit. Let yourself smile it does not have to be big. Even if you and your lover take time to read the funnies to each other in bed. It is true that if you never forget how to play you never grow old.

It is also very hard to get board or stuck in a rut in bed if it is ok to get the giggles. Funny=fun in bed, Just remember to joke and play the same way you make love gently

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