Instant Chemistry

There are people who believe in love at first sight, and maybe it really is possible for some people. Many people believe that the feeling of love at first sight is more like lust at first sight and is more about strong physical and sexual chemistry between two people than any kind of real romantic, emotional connection. Either way, there are people that have some sort of instant connection the minute they lay eyes on each other, and whether it is true love or not at that moment is not always important. What is important is that a connection is made, sometimes it’s a lifetime relationship, sometimes a strong friendship, sometimes a hot sexual encounter, but it is two people that came together because they weren’t afraid to act on the chemistry that they were feeling. The people that don’t act on it when they have the chance may not realize it, but they’re losing out on something really exciting and fulfilling even when it doesn’t turn out to be a lifelong love relationship. Those people probably let fear and doubt hold them back in other areas of their lives as well, and they are probably missing out on a lot of opportunities for a lot of great experiences and enjoyment.

Being open to whatever life throws our way is a great quality to have. It requires us to trust our instincts and be open-minded to whatever possibilities may pop up. It usually doesn’t benefit people in life to be afraid or to hesitate. Taking the opportunities when they come is the way to maximize our life and our happiness. Trusting our gut when it says ‘go for i’ is the way to live. When we meet someone have a strong instant attraction, we should go for it if everything feels right. Even if it only turns out to be one completely amazing night of incredible sex, it’s worthwhile because mind-blowing sex and amazing orgasm don’t happen every day. When we meet someone that we really connect with strongly, we should just relax and enjoy it and let it become whatever it is meant to turn into, whether it’s a romantic relationship or hot sex or lifelong best friends. Going with the flow and enjoying every minute of life is the best way to live.

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