All Together Now

It is a common goal for people in partnerships-married, boyfriend/girlfriend, gay couples-to attempt to have mutual orgasms. It can be a challenge, but not necessarily impossible. What is a good plan of action? No need to try to be Superman-or woman- or put undue stress on yourself by thinking it’s all a failure if one of you comes before the other, even for the first ten tries. Orgasm together can take a few fits and starts, and there are even some couples who rarely reach the simultaneous state.

Start by helping your partner to orgasm a lot, with or without your help. Both partners want to create a safe environment for one another to feel comfortable getting hot for and around the other. Praise your partner when they peak, man or woman; the more you celebrate your partner’s pleasure the more pleasure that they will feel safe to have with you. Reach for the warm towel, the quick hug, the slow cooing assurances and help whenever you can, even if you’re not necessarily about to or near cumming yourself. Once a couple gets to this point they can start the intimate bedroom dance to see how long to breathe through the ache of needing to come and slow down. Meter one another’s specific rhythm together when they either mutually masturbate each other-at the same time-or get closer then close being inside one another.

None of this will happen right away. The stress that comes from wanting can sometimes outweigh the happening. All people get hot in different ways, that’s one of the big challenges. If one of you is a voyeur and the other a sensualist, one a person who likes the feel of leather next to their skin, the other someone who needs to have whispered romantic phrases whispered, then you need to find a balance, which you should be doing anyway, to what you need in the bedroom, as well as out.

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