Obscenity Is In The Eye of the Beholder

For years now, the often heated debate has raged on over the array of Porn that is available to us on the Internet and in various and sundry magazines and video tapes. Whether it is a terrible vile disgrace to be shunned, a nice little diversion, or just something that falls somewhere in between, however, has always been up to the individual themselves that is making use of the various forms of adult entertainment available.

Our society loves rules, making them, enforcing them, looking down on people who don’t follow them, categorizing them, recording them, editing them, and of course enforcing them. What all these rules don’t seem to take into account, however, is that we are all individuals and that we will never ever all see things in exactly the same way at the same time. Many years have been spent debating the objectification of women in porn magazines and how thumbing through these magazines is disrespectful to ones spouse, can destroy your marriage, wreck your mind, make you go blind, and the list goes on and on.

The truth is that one man’s dangerous horrible threat to be avoided at all costs may just be another man’s innocuous delicious entertainment vehicle. Is it true that every spouse who views porn either in magazines or on the Internet will eventually cheat? Of course not. Is it true that everyone who views porn will be come desensitized to real live people? Of course not, they may become a little more horny but why would that be a bad thing? Is it true that every man expects his woman to look like a porn star? Um, no, just look around on that one.

Whether you view it as a shocking scandalous horror, or a fun means of feisty entertainment, porn has it’s proper place in this world just like everything else does, so you better get used to it. And while you’re at it, enjoy it.

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