Debbie Does Everywhere

We all remember fondly the old porn movies that were able to make a splash and create a following when good Free porn movies were few and far between, if available to us at all. In 2011, with the aid of the far reaching and immense world wide web we have many more choices to tease and tempt us when we want to let off a little bit of sexual steam and watch some nice attractive strangers have some hot sex.

Our poor friend Debbie had only one location in which to get crazy when she made her much awaited film debut and big splash in the wonderful, wacky world of pornography, and with the very limited amount of options that we had available to us at the time, it was more than enough to get us going and keep us satisfied for quite a while. We were just so happy that someone was actually making porn and that someone somewhere was having some sex with some strangers that they would be nice enough to let us watch. And we didn’t just watch Debbie once either, we watched her over and over again, alone and with lovers and friends alike.

Today we have so many more choices when it comes to the huge array of porn available on the Internet for us to peruse. Instead of just having a trusty handful of well worn tapes to watch over and over again until we know them by heart, we have hundreds if not thousands of options to choose from when we want to explore the online world of adult entertainment and porn. And we do not have to go and hunt Debbie and her pals down in a video store, either. All we have to do is find a quiet time, turn on our computers and let our browsers take us to all sort of exciting destinations.

Here we come Deb.

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