What Happened To Ethel?

It is not only the popular feature film movie stars who need to change their names to something memorable; porn stars definitely need to have a memorable alias to go by as well.

We have all responded with a chuckle and a shake of the head when hearing the given names of some of our most famous movie stars. It is little wonder why some of them opted to change them to something a bit more fetching and attractive. Porn stars and adult video stars, however, really need to have an alluring name that will stand out in the minds of their fans who will sometimes flip from site to site and video to video rather quickly given the epidemic of adult ADHD in our society, especially when it comes to surfing for sex on the Internet.

As an aspiring adult film star one would want to choose a name that is a bit naughty but not too raunchy. It is best not to err on the side of a too sweet sounding name, or no one will be able to imagine having sex with you. And, as we all know, a porn stars bread and butter depends upon the general public not only wishing to have sex with them, but in some odd way, feeling like it could actually happen given the right set of circumstances. Uh huh.

The Internet is full of Cherry’s and Brandy’s and Amber’s and they all serve their intended purpose of sounding just a little bit racy. Those porn starts who really take it to another level are the ones with the surnames that match with the first name and call to mind some sort of erotic fantasy.

We live in a highly impressionable and suggestive society, and our favorite porn stars are nice enough to suggest only the most illicit of options to us with their fabulous names.

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