The Trophy Wife 2011

When we think about the concept of a trophy wife, many of us will quickly think of a fresh faced college girl from the sixties who was probably a sweater wearing varisty cheerleader, probably married her handsome football quarterbacking well scrubbed boyfriend and moved to a posh suburb to raise her 2.3 perfectly obedient adorable tow headed children. With the surging popularity of today’s Sex videos available on the Internet, the typical trophy wife stereotype has certainly become open to a reinterpretation.

Whenever we look at Page Six, or pick up one of the more popular glossy trashy gossip papers, we are sure to see at least some of our stars out on the town with a pretty porn star on their arm. These days, actors, entertainers, and especially rock stars just love the idea of dating a porn star. They don’t seem to want to just have a fling with the porn star before settling down with someone more acceptable; most of them would and often do happily marry their porn star girlfriends and stay together with them for long periods of time.

Porn stars have also become of part of the norm at red carpet premieres and film festivals, and no one seems to look askance at them as we might have expected in the old days of 20 or so years ago, when most porn was kept secret and hidden. Today with the popularity and far reaching influence of porn on the world wide web, everyone has access to porn and sex videos every minute of every day, and it is no longer even considered to be that questionable of an enterprise.

Whereas the porn stars of yesterday sometimes seemed to appear ashamed of what they had to do to pay their bills, today’s porn stars seem to revel in it. And why wouldn’t they, with all those famous folks chasing after them.

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