The Elusive Orgasm

Everyone loves an Orgasm. And really, when we think about it, why the hell wouldn’t they? Sometimes in our hectic, fast paced and crazy lives there is no better method of stress relief, escape, relaxation, and the creation of a general sense of well being and contentment than catching up with a wily orgasm. These little buggers can sometimes be hard to track down though, as they seem to have a mind of their own, and appear to exist solely on their own whims, time schedules and flights of fancy. They usually have very little if any consideration for those that desperately seek them.

These crafty little bastards will sometimes just pop right up when we least expect them, or when they have not even been invited or expected, and then just stay how ever for long it suits them without regard for our schedule. Other times, we send them a virtual engraved invitation, roll out the red carpets for their little selves, and even send a driver to go and pick them up, and, nothing. They don’t even bother to send us back word that they couldn’t make it, but would love to come and visit us some other time when they are feeling sexy. They just stand us up and leave us feeling frustrated.

We do have some resources at our disposal, however. One way we can entice these little critters is to send out a search party for them on the world wide web and see if we can lure them into paying us a visit. There are a lot of pretty swell sex sites on the web that can be used as bait, and sometimes, if we catch them unawares and while napping, they will just appear as if they had been waiting right there in the wings for their cues all along.

Yes, the thrill is in the hunt, but the fun is in the catch.

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