Respectful Sensual Massage

Sensual massage is just what its name implies; it is meant to arouse the senses. Touch, scent, room temperature, the feeling of the massage table and more all come together to create an ideal experience. It is important for a massage therapist to respect the boundaries of the client in terms of approaching the private regions. One should err on the side of comfort of and respect for the client at all times.

That said, it is ok for the massage to be a real turn-on. We have bodies, and a massage therapist is in the business of making the body feel good. A therapist should begin by chatting with the client and reviewing any particular physical concerns. Then he or she should next leave the room to give the client a chance to get nude and to lie on the table under the draping. Hopefully, the table has a pre-warming setting and the sheets are soft and inviting.

Relaxing music already set is a bonus so that as the client undresses there is already an air of unwinding. Aromatherapy could be utilized by scents dispersed in the air or through essential oils added to the massage oil.

Choosing a high-quality, hypoallergenic oil is important, as is warming it by rubbing some between the hands before touching the client. The first touch of hands to the client’s body should be exquisite. He or she should feel the therapist’s hands gliding gently across long lengths like the arms, legs, of full length of the back. The hands may tease moving close to the buttocks later in the massage, but not yet. Strokes can grow deeper as the client naturally seems to accept more pressure. If the therapists asks at each turn if it is ok to touch here and there, touching the top of the ass or the sides of breasts pushing out may be just fine.

When the client flips over from back to front, more sexual energies may arise. The awareness of a woman’s naked breasts so close may be erotic for the therapist. It may become quite obvious that a male client has a hard-on. If the client indicates he or she wants a happy ending massage, that is a private matter between adults.

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