Youthful Stroking Techniques

Guys learning how to jack off is completely inevitable. It doesn’t matter what parents or churches say, when a pubescent guy’s dick starts getting hard, he is going to notice. It won’t take long before he figures out that touching it feels really, really good. Hopefully our culture will catch up to the physical reality of sexuality and begin to allow freer expression around this most natural and basic of sexual practices.

The first time that a young man decides to masturbate, he may not really be thinking of it that way at all. More than likely, he will be alone in his room and he’ll notice that the thing between his legs is getting stiff again, maybe for no reason at all. But is somehow compels him, and since he is alone, he can take it out under the covers and fiddle with it. Lo and behold, it feels great. He might find himself naturally turning over to rub his hard dick on the sheets or a pillow beneath him. This method is a little more common in boys and young men, though some men continue it throughout their lives.

The most common stroking technique is the simple dick-in-hand method. The guy simply takes his dick in his dominant hand and rubs it up and down. Some men switch hands back and forth to change the feeling or keep up the stroking stamina. Some advocate using the non-dominant hand to make it feel more like someone else giving a hand job, though most rely on their main hand to get the job done.
The overhand method is a fairly common variation. In this method, the guy grasps and strokes the cock from the top side of the shaft. This method will often emerge after a guy has been masturbating regularly for a while and he starts to figure out ways to make it different and what really gets his rocks off.

A two-handed method that works for many guys is done by placing two slightly open fists one on top of the other. The guy then stick his dick in the hole and fuck like it is a pussy or ass, or grab on tight for a two-fisted stroke. This works well personal lubrication.

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